Small Group Study Principles

Notes from Lee Venden’s “Surviving a Revival Seminar”

Communication is the key to relationship with God
– personal meaningful relationship with Jesus
– it’s a good fight, it requires effort to daily seek Jesus
– Mary and Martha, substituting work for Jesus is not the same as time with Jesus
– Hebrews 4, it requires work to rest
– Have no one teach the group, no preparation other than prayer, the Holy Spirit is the teacher

Personal preparation: morning prayer and Bible study

1. Use the Bible to focus on Jesus revealed in his Word
2. Personally invite people
3. Invite 6-12
4. Meet weekly for 90 minutes
5. Commit to 12 weeks before breaking up the group and seeking new members
6. ~30 minutes testimonies, randomly sharing stories of their week and how Jesus recently blessed them or those who they have been praying for
7. ~30 minutes popcorn prayer (Skip the prayer requests)
8. ~30 minutes Bible reading & comments (Gospels, for example John, read one subheading before pausing, commenting, random someone reads the next section)

– Prayer before you start, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to us

S Scripture
O Observation
A Application
P Prayer

– Ask the Holy Spirit for ways to share what we learned with others

2 Comments on “Small Group Study Principles

  1. Hello Pr. Lee Venden
    My name is Sergio Luiz DeJesus, father of Pr. Sergio Quevedo DeJesus who talked to you years ago about I make the translation to Portuguese language your bible study series about Jesus.
    I really would like to do it but I can’t find the Bible studies.
    Can you send me the link to find int please?
    Thank you so much.

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