Meaning of the Cross – Why Jesus had to die

Ultimate answer of the conflict of philosophies. Shows the impossibility of coexistence of God and Satan. Satan and his followers hate and will destroy God and His followers.

Negate the lie that conflict or force can create or sustain life.

Demonstration of God’s character, promise of redemption. If God is willing to do this, He will restore us.

Demonstration of God’s action of restoration from sin. Removal of sin. Proof of resurrection.

Authority of world taken back from Satan. Satan’s character perfectly revealed and possibility of future rebellion removed.

Character of sin revealed. Sin is shown to have the power to kill God. Proof that rebellion from God leads to self-destruction and destruction of those sent to rescue those who are self-destructing.

Assurance and proof of God keeping His promises.

Leadership establishment. God does not ask us to do anything He has not done.

Demonstration of the exact actions God calls us to do.

Establishment of contact with a sinful race that is running away from God. His prophets failed to get our attention. God’s death is the most extreme action God can possibly take to get our attention yet still give us free choice.

Demonstration of how the consequences of sin is constantly being shifted away from the sinners to the innocent. The sin of Satan and his followers lead to the death of Christ. Christ’s constant and active intervention frequently and continually (but not always) negates the consequences of sin. (suffering & death)

Negation of Satan’s lies about God’s character. A God who is willing to suffer and die cannot be cruel, indifferent, etc.

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